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Docker Volumes Can Be Tricky

Every technology has a few tricks up its sleeve when it behaves unexpectedly and sometimes illogically, and you need to run into such issues, spend some time figuring them out, and then (hopefully) never stumble upon them again.

Docker is a straightforward and logical container management platform, and reading docs builds a complete understanding of the technology in your mind step by step, page by page. On the other hand, it’s all useless without practice, and building actual containers for the first time often makes people feel confused, as if they just graduated college and got their first job, realizing they don’t really know how to do the actual work.

Docker Volumes might appear as one of the simplest topics of the Docker docs, but don’t let that first impression deceive you: there are quite a few things you need to know. Volumes can be shared between containers, and even exist by themselves, lost and forgotten, taking up space and waiting for their chance to reappear from the abyss.

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